Perfect foodie gifts: the Microplane Spice and Chilli sets

So today it’s only 35 days to Christmas – you really should have started your Christmas shopping by now. Don’t you hate that last minute rush when you inevitably end up paying way more than you budgeted because you’ve left it so late and haven’t planned properly.  I’m here to help!

Is there a food lover in your life? Well here are two great gift ideas to make them happy. The Gourmet Spice Set from Microplane includes a stylish stainless steel Spice Mill and a sachet each of whole Spicebar Nutmeg and Long Black Pepper.

Microplane: gourmet spice set
The stylish spice mill with whole nutmeg and pepper

I love to buy spices on my travels and have some beautiful whole nutmeg from my recent trip to India. Nutmeg’s a great addition to many dishes, both sweet and savoury, but it is a bit of an issue to grate. Often resulting in bloody fingers. Well, no more of that for me – I can simply pop it into the spice mill and grind. And as an extra special pleasure, the delicious scent of ground nutmeg fills the room.

The mill grates all spices, even the hardest and you can control the texture by the amount of pressure you use while twisting the top.

Feeling hot, hot, hot

For chilli lovers there’s the Gourmet Chilli Gift Set. It includes an elegant Chilli Mill and a smart 30g storage tin of Spicebar Birds Eye Chillis. So now you can evenly grate chillis to release their essential oils and all that spicy flavour.

Microplane: Gourmet Chilli Gift Set
Chopping chillis is made easy with this stylish Gourmet Chilli Set

The facts

The Gourmet Spice Set sells for £29.95

The Gourmet Chilli Gift Set sells for £34.95

All microplane products are available from

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