It’s jamming time with Rosie Makes Jam

So today I’m making jam. One thing’s for sure, lockdown has got me trying things I’ve never done before. In my mind, jam making was a complicated matter – I couldn’t have been more wrong. Especially when you’ve got a jam-making kit from RosieMakesJam.

These magical boxes of goodies contain everything you need to create your own jam except the fresh fruit of course. And it’s all so beautifully done. Perfect jam jars with colourful lids and summery labels to match, all your sugar carefully measured out, even the tools you’re going to need – down to a funnel for pouring, lemon squeezer and timer.

Rosie Makes Jam: contents
This box of goodies will inspire anyone to make jam
Rosie Makes Jam: kit
The contents of your special box

It just happens to be the  perfect time of year for berry shopping, too. I decided to make half blackberry, half raspberry jam. How luscious do these look?

Rosie Makes Jam: berries
Beautiful berries so vibrant and fresh
Rosie Makes Jam: on the stove
The mix of fruit and sugar bubbles on the stove

Once your jam is ready (which doesn’t take much more than 10 minutes), it’s time for bottling.

Rosie Makes Jam: jars
The delicious jam in the prettiest of jars
Rosie Makes Jam: jars
Close up on my tasty new creation

So after a fun, simple and quick process I had eight delectable-looking jars. Time to taste. Just to say I’m not a huge jam eater…well I wasn’t. I’ve never tasted jam as good as this – and will certainly be making it again. No more shop-bought jam for me.

And you can make your own, too. You really should, it’s jam on a different level. And the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done it all yourself.

Find out more, get inspiration and order your jam-making kit at RosieMakesJam.

A quick jam recipe

Makes 8 small jars

900g granulated sugar

900g fruit (I used half blackberries and half raspberries)

Juice of 1 lemon

Put the fruit in a large pan with the lemon juice. Heat through slowly.

Once the fruit is hot, remove from the heat and stir in the sugar.

Put it back on the heat and bring to the boil. Turn down the temperature and reduce to what is called a rolling boil which is a bit more vigorous than a simmer.

When the mixture has thickened a bit and looks darker, usually after 6-8 mins turn off the heat.

Pour into warm, sterilised jars and seal immediately.



  1. this looks amazing Sands! And what a box of treats to receive !
    We have some oranges from our orange tree and so will likely focus on marmalade rather . Would value any recipes there too please ! Thanks 🙂

  2. Seriously, I will never buy jam again. How fabulous to have oranges from your orange tree. Will send you a simple marmalade recipe now. Homemade marmalade is also incredibly delicious.

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