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I love cooking! The whole process. From pondering dishes on the bus home from work and contemplating over recipe books to the shopping for ingredients (yes, I love supermarkets); to the preparation, cooking and serving. But let’s just say even I don’t always have the time or energy to make all those decisions, assemble all those ingredients and cook from scratch all the time! To say the least.

So I was delighted with these new Easy Meal Kits from Amoy. They come with all the ingredients for cooking a dish for two (except the fresh stuff, ie meat, fish and vegetables).

Check out the back of your pack to see what you need to buy fresh, open it up and follow the (really simple) instructions and you’ll have a tasty dinner in minutes. I tried the Malaysia Laksa kit which took minutes and had a delicious, authentic flavour. I used prawns (as I had some in the freezer) and added onions and asparagus as that’s what I had in the kitchen.


Laksa is a mix of Chinese and Malay elements which produces a spicy noodle dish. It’s very popular in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It can be quite a soupy consistency though this one was quite a bit thicker than that. Here’s what the finished dish looked like.

The finished dish
The finished dish

Not only is this a really quick and easy way to prepare a delicious dinner, you’re guaranteed no wastage. Exactly the right quantities are packaged up for your meal for two. As someone who cooks for two regularly, I can’t tell you how many half cans of coconut milk, bits of curry  paste and other condiments have festered in the back of my fridge. Wasteful and probably unhygienic, too, this way you use everything supplied for the perfect flavour, which, of course, also means you don’t have to bother with measuring.

This is what you get in your little box
This is what you get in your little box

In their current range you’ll also find Easy Meal Kits for Nasi Goreng, Thai Red Curry and Thai Green Curry.

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