Lunch up on high at Radio Rooftop in Covent Garden

Summertime in London…how I love it. Even those heatwaves that have you sweating on the tube and tossing and turning at night because, let’s face it, our houses just aren’t built for days in their high 30s. They’re built to keep the heat in and boy do they do that!

Anyway, focusing on the plus sides of heatwaves (of which there are many), it gives you the perfect excuse to take to the skies of London and seek out one of the many fabulous rooftop bars and restaurants. Like Radio Rooftop  on the 10th floor of the ME Hotel in Covent Garden. It’s a stylish sort of place with glorious views across London’s dramatic skyline and the river. And a tasty all-day menu. We opted for a selection of small plates (my favourite way to eat).

What’s on the menu

Starting off with the crispy calamari which was served with red pepper marmalade and green chilli. The batter certainly lived up to its description, the calamari was sweet and tender and the chilli hot, hot, hot.

Radio Rooftop: Calamari
Crispy calamari with a chill bite

I can never resist a bit of Spanish jamon. The air dried Iberico ham was served with fresh tomatoes and toasted artisan bread. Basically a pan con tomate which I’ve eaten possibly hundreds of in Spain. These flavours and textures are quite simply a match made in heaven.

Radio Rooftop: Iberico ham
Delectable Spanish flavours on a plate

The shrimp tempura came with a bowl of crunchy Asian coleslaw and was again that perfect sweet and crispy combo.

Radio Rooftop: shrimp tempura
Perfect shrimp tempura on a background of blue

Now here’s something completely different – a curried potato Scotch egg. So instead of the egg being surrounded by the traditional sausage meat here it’s potato with a delightful curry flavour. All finished off to perfection with some coronation sauce. I’m loving these blue plates.

Radio Rooftop: scotch eggs
Scotch eggs with a difference, encased in spicy potato

It seems when small plates are discussed there have to be chips involved. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re happy because you’re not consuming a whole portion yourself. Whatever – these triple cooked ones topped with parmesan were a vital addition to our selection of plates.

Radio Rooftop: chips
Parmesan chips complete the feast

Of course you don’t have to eat at Radio Rooftop which is primarily a very stylish bar. Perfect for a cocktail or a glass of bubbles on a sunny London day.

Today’s price point

Our five plates came to £52.

Wine starts from £35 a bottle.

Radio Rooftop is at 336-337 Strand WC2

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