Loving my first post-lockdown restaurant – Brindisa

Sorry to have been absent from blogland for so long. I hit a bit of a lockdown brain freeze. What a strange time we’ve been living in.

Now London life is getting a bit more back to normal – whatever that means in times of Corona. But the big change is that restaurants are once again open for business. I have to admit to feeling a little apprehensive about venturing out into restaurantland for the first time. We’ve got so used to keeping our distance from others and only spending time with friends outside. So we chose a place with outdoor seating for in the delightful Battersea Power Station development. Time for tapas at Brindisa, starting with a celebratory glass of cava.

What’s on the menu

As it happens I was supposed to be in Spain at the time of my Brindisa visit. No travel allowed then of course. So I was delighted to be at authentically Spanish Brindisa with its classic tapas menu.

We started with three favourites. The tortilla Espanola with garlic alioli was beautifully soft and flavoursome, the croquetas de jamon creamy, crunchy and meaty and the pimentos de padron fresh and perfectly charred.

Brindisa: tapas
Iberian ham croquettes, Padron peppers and Spanish omelette to start with
Brindisa: croquettes
Close up on the gorgeous, golden croquettes

The simplest of dishes and one of my favourites is huevos rotos (literally broken eggs). Crisp potatoes topped with vibrant fried eggs, in this case on a bed of spicy sobrasada which is a soft chorizo from the Balearics.

Brindisa: huevos rotos
The perfect combo of crunchy potatoes, spicy sausage and fresh, vibrant eggs

And how’s this for a striking salad. A delightful mix of peaches (melocoton, one of my favourite Spanish words), tomato and basil with a zesty dressing topped with Nardin anchovies. The perfect mix of sweet and salty and a plate of beautiful colours.

Brindisa: peach and tomato salad
The freshest of salad in the brightness of Spanish colours

And finally, another classic. Gambas al ajillo – king prawns in chilli, garlic and olive oil. Plump and juicy with garlicky olive oil and a lovely chilli hit.

Brindisa: garlic prawns
Garlic and chilli flavours with the sweetest of king prawns
Brindisa: tapas
A trio of Spanish happiness
Brindisa: interior
Inside the Spanishness of Brindisa

So what’s different about eating out?

Okay, this was my first time. And it was a rainy and not particularly warm Wednesday lunchtime. So the restaurant (in fact all the restaurants at Battersea Power Station) were pretty quiet. Tables had been spaced out and inside the booths looked perfect for dining in the times of Corona, separated by screens.

Hand sanitiser was available at the door. Tables weren’t laid and cutlery and napkins were brought to us with the menus which were printed on paper and discarded after each use.

All tables were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as diners left.

It all felt a little strange but I suspect that’s because I hadn’t eaten out for almost four months. So happy to be out and about again and eating Spanish food in London Town. How I appreciate it now.

Today’s price point

Our tapas for two came to £42.

We enjoyed a lovely bottle of Flamingo rose for £29.50.

Red wine starts from £27 a bottle and white from £31.

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