Cooking great new dishes at the Kitchen Aid Experience Store

I’m always up for trying out new recipes and kitchen appliances and gadgets so I was very excited today to be heading for the Kitchen Aid Experience Store & Showroom in London’s rather swish Wigmore Street.

Kitchen Aid is celebrating its 100th birthday (the original stand mixer was first brought out in 1919 would you believe?). And in their amazing showroom you will find all the small appliances on display plus the recently launched range of major appliances. Everything you need for the ultimate dream kitchen.

In the fully functioning demo kitchen you can also choose from their selection of cookery courses which gives you the chance to learn new recipes while also trying out some of their fab products. Like their iconic mixers which are displayed in every colour available…how would you choose?

Kitchen Aid: iconic mixers
Stylish Kitchen Aid mixers in a mind-boggling array of colours

Time to get cooking

Among the dishes we helped create was a simple but tasty chilli tomato sauce to serve with some of our fresh pasta which we made from scratch. All with the super-sized model of the iconic mixer as a backdrop.

Kitchen Aid: Chef Sign
The enormous model of the mixer attracts a lot of attention from passers by and customers alike

We made the sauce in the Chef Sign – something I had never seen before. It’s basically an induction tray system that fits perfectly flush with your worktop and offers five different cooking methods in one – steaming, boiling, roasting, deep frying and cooking at low temperatures. Perfect for making our pasta sauce and an amazing addition to any kitchen.

Kitchen Aid: Chef Sign
Multiply your cooking options with the versatile Chef Sign

Making the pasta from scratch was fun and a lot easier than I expected with the fabulous Kitchen Aid pasta making attachments. One to roll out the pasta to the desired thickness and the other to cut perfect pasta. We added steamed spinach, beetroot or turmeric to our dough to produce a colourful display.

Kitchen Aid: pasta maker
Feeding the dough through the pasta making attachment is oh-so simple

And here it is, our pasta of many colours on the pasta tree .

Kitchen Aid: pasta on tree
Our lovey bright pasta hangs on the tree before cooking
Kitchen Aid: pasta
Mixing up the different pastas creates a pretty plate of food

On today’s course we also made some delicious cookies using coconut sugar (which I’d also never seen before), crushed walnuts and orange zest added to a basic biscuit recipe. The mixers made short work of the whole prep process and I was surprised at how quiet they are, too.

Kitchen Aid: Mixer
Mixing up the tasty cookie dough
Kitchen Aid: cookies
And here they are, prepared and baked by me and Kitchen Aid

What a joy to work in such fabulous surroundings testing out some of the amazing array of Kitchen Aid products. I wanted to take the whole kitchen home with me…maybe one day!

Kitchen Aid does a range of courses at their Kitchen Aid Experience Store and Showroom which is at 98 Wigmore Street, London W1.

You can find out more at


  1. Oh yes, go in there Sarah and I guarantee you’ll walk out with more Kitchen Aid equipment than you can possibly fit in your kitchen. An incredible place and the pasta attachment makes making pasta incredibly easy.

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