It’s hot, hot, hot with Tracklement’s new Blazing Hot Bundle

Today we’re adding a bit of spice to our lives with the new Tracklements Blazing Hot Bundle.

I’ve had a burger craving for a while now. And you know what that’s like – it just doesn’t go away. Only one way to rectify the situation. A couple of burgers on the grill, fresh rolls and home-grown tomatoes (feeling very pleased with myself)- a wonderful combination. Made even more perfect with a dash of Smoky Chilli Sauce from Tracklements. It’s made from smoked Chipotle and Scotch bonnet chillies and has wonderful spice and smokiness.

These are some versatile sauces. They are great with any kind of grilled meat or veg and the fresh chilli jam is particularly delicious with cheese.

Use your imagination…there are endless possibilities with chilli sauce. Always delicious served plain as a dipping sauce with crudités or crisps or stirred through cream cheese or mayo to add creaminess. Or as a quick marinade for prawns or chicken before stir frying. Why not try basting vegetables while roasting or mix with hot new potatoes or add to mash for an extra bite? Or add to any wrap or sandwich for a bit of extra flavour. If you’re a chilli lover you need this bundle in your life.

The facts

The Tracklements Blazing Hot Bundle includes:

Fresh Chilli Jam (250g)

Hot Chilli Sauce (230ml)

Spitfire Chilli Mustard (140g)

Hot Wholegrain Mustard (140g),

Smoky Chilli Sauce (230ml)

It retails for £16.25 and is delivered direct to your door.

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