It’s a snip with my new kitchen scissors

I love kitchen stuff! I’m the person at the market in Spain digging through the 2 euro knives (which are amazingly good and sharp) and exclaiming over the great-value frying pans which come in so many sizes! Anything that  makes my time in the kitchen easier and more fun has got to be a good thing.

So I was very happy to receive these kitchen and food scissors from Fiskars. They’re super-sharp with serrated blades so perfect for chopping or slicing a whole range of things. Today I used them to slice up the biltong for my tortilla and chop some parsley and basil straight off the plant into a dish I was cooking.

Snipping herbs couldn't be easier
Snipping herbs couldn’t be easier


You can use them for chopping up your salad leaves, they  make trimming raw meat and fish so much easier and they’re even good for some cheeses, like mozarella. I also love them for slicing any type of ham or bacon. I remember a scene from one of Jilly Cooper’s books (which I love!) where one of the characters was unexpectedly going out and in her rush cut her fringe with the same scissors she’d used to cut the bacon up! A greasy, bacon-smelling fringe, probably not a good look, though I’m sure these scissors would work well on your fringe too…not that I’m recommending it.

Fiskars kitchen and food scissors are £15.99. Find out more at

Oh and I’ve just realised, these ones even match my kitchen. Happy days!

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