Tasty modern Italian at Cent Anni in Wimbledon Village

Today we’re heading to beautiful Wimbledon Village which we’re lucky enough to live very close to for a night of tasty Italian. The Village is not short of restaurant choices and things do move around quite a bit – Cent Anni is a newish offering.

It’s a stylish sort of place (as you’d expect) and the menu is described as modern Italian. There’s a good selection of handmade pasta as well as plenty of fish and meat options to choose from.

For starters the prawns turned out to be a favourite. Jumbo prawns cooked in white wine, garlic, chilli and lemon and served with crusty pugliese bread. Beautifully sweet, plump and juicy prawns in a sauce with a real chilli bite and lashings of garlic. Love the little pan they were served in, too – I want some for my kitchen!

Wimbledon Village: Cent Anni prawns
A delicious prawn dish packed with garlic and chilli flavours

I love a good fillet of beef carpaccio and this one came topped with Parmesan ice cream! A clever twist that worked perfectly with the tender and tasty beef and some fresh micro herbs.

Wimbledon Village: Cent Anni carpaccio
Classic carpaccio made even more tasty with Parmesan ice cream

I’m always happy to see liver on any menu. The panko crusted calves liver with spinach and caramelised onions was  perfectly pink with a crunchy crust. It’s hard to make liver look pretty on a plate (and therefore in a picture). Trust me on the deliciousness though.

Wimbledon Village: Cent Anni: liver
The heavenly combo of liver, spinach and caramelised onions

The  yellow fin tuna came with a salad of cannellini beans, red onion and cherry tomatoes with a zesty olive oil and lemon dressing.

Wimbledon Village: Cent Anni: tuna
Wonderfully rare tuna with a classic Italian bean salad

I was in a meaty mood and thoroughly enjoyed my lamb cutlets served with broad beans, zucchini, mint, lemon and a bowl of new potatoes. The  minty puree was so perfect with the tender lamb (served pink) and I am fond of a broad bean or two.

Wimbledon Village: Cent Anni: lamb chops
A summer dish of lamb cutlets and greens

New potatoes in spring and summer in England are hard to beat. These were lightly fried or roasted and were so tasty I couldn’t help but eat the whole bowl (with a little help from my friends). Well, I am a dedicated potato lover after all.

Wimbledon Village: Cent Anni: new potatoes
A generous portion of potato heaven in a bowl

Cent Anni is certainly a lovely addition to the streets of the Village with its diverse and mouth watering menu and lovely interior design. That pasta is calling me back!

Today’s price point

A two course dinner costs £27.

Wine starts from £22 a bottle.

Cent Anni is at 35 High Street, Wimbledon Village SW19

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