Indian tapas at Sundoo in Sea Point

Today we’re back in the main road in Sea Point. Yes, I know we do spend a lot of time eating there. Sundoo is a new addition to Sea Point’s restaurantland which serves Indian tapas.

I love Indian food and am partial to the tapas-style way of eating so I was excited to sample our latest local. The restaurant opens up to the street and is light-filled with a cool, contemporary feel. Two rows of stools at the front are arranged along a shelf on the pavement, the perfect place to settle in for some people watching in the activity of this buzzy street. And for some seriously tasty food.

The first section offers a selection of mini rotis and mini bunny chows. I’m a bit of a fan of mini anything in the food world! On our first visit we tried the trio of lamb rotis. Among the best lamb I’ve ever tasted, so beautifully tender, rich and perfectly spiced with a nice chilli bite, served on top of beautifully buttery rotis. How I wish I could cook lamb like this at home – only one thing for it, ask if the chef could give us a hint of her ingredients (if not the whole recipe). She hails from Durban, the home of the best Indian food in South Africa and clearly knows her stuff. But she’s not parting with any of that knowledge – even to the owner of the restaurant I was told. All her recipes are being kept firmly secret in her head. Fair enough.

A lamb dish I’ll eat over and over

Also in the starter section on the first page were these spicy prawn bites. Again the balance of flavours was exceptional.

Pretty, crispy prawn bites

On our second lunchtime visit the lamb hadn’t been delivered yet, so we opted for the chicken rotis (good idea to try everything on the menu anyway). Again it was spectacular, those wonderfully rounded flavours that you can only achieve with exactly the right combination and quantity of spices.

The spicy chicken roti trio

There’s also a page of curries which you can order in full or half portions. I love that, the halves work perfectly as light lunch dishes. Our waiter recommended we try the Pondicherry kingklip. I’m a big fan of the local white fish and was pleased to see how well it works in a curry. The chunky fillets were simmered in fresh tomato, garlic, spring onion, coriander and tamarind root for a beautifully silken sauce with bite.

Kingklip makes for a great fish curry

The Kavarati chicken is braised with fennel, cumin and a blend of garum masala. A chicken curry that’s now right up there as a firm favourite.

chicken curry
Tender Kavarati chicken and rice

You can choose your heat for each dish, from medium, hot or vindaloo. We’ve gone medium and that’s plenty enough for me. There’s also a selection of dishes from the clay oven but they’re are only available at dinner.

You can tell that all the dishes have been prepared with love and care by someone whose knowledge of cooking Indian food is phenomenal. Which is why there are usually long queues in the evening (the restaurant doesn’t take bookings). And obviously why the chef’s not parting with her spectacular recipes. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep going back and let her keep doing the cooking.

A dry rose is a great combination with the spices

Sundoo is at 77 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town. It’s just across the road from another favourite La Mouette, which you can read about by clicking here.

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