Tasty ways with the fabulous smoked Moorish humous

I love a bit of humous (which can be spelled at least four ways that I know of..confusing!). Today I’m doing humous as that’s what Moorish does. This delicious Middle Eastern dip has become a staple in most people’s shopping trolleys these days, and no surprise there, as it’s delicious and versatile.

Even more so now with the range from Moorish. It was started by founder Julie Waddell who got her inspiration from her fussy toddler who decided he was bored with eating just plain humous. So she started cold smoking it and coming up with different flavours – which means we now have an amazing array of exotic humous choices. And don’t they look beautiful, too.

Moorish: humous
A lovely array of tasty flavours and colours

The five flavours include their classic smoked, smoked with chilli harissa, smoked with beetroot, avocado and pea. Pea humous – how exciting is that! I was so looking forward to tasting it (peas are my favourite vegetable) and I wasn’t disappointed. It was the best of the lot – well in my opinion anyway. Of course they are all delicious – that smokiness certain adds depth.

Moorish: humous
The different hues of Moorish humous

Humous obviously is great for dipping all manner of things in. And it’s great to have such a range of flavours to delight your guests with. Perfect snacking for a summer’s evening.


Moorish: humous
Humous is the perfect dipper for a healthy, tasty starter

But there’s so much more to this tasty concoction. Here are some great ideas on how make the most of your humous.

My top ten humous tips

Mix humous with greek yogurt and lemon juice and use with shredded leftover chicken for a great salad or sandwich.

Use humous instead of mayonnaise for a surprise punch on sandwiches.

I love a stuffed egg! I know, retro. Add a bit of humous when you mash the egg yolk for a more up-to-date flavour.

Spread a slice of toast with a generous helping of humous, top it with sliced avocado and then a soft poached egg for the most delicious of breakfasts.

Smear a raw chicken breast with three tablespoons of humous before dipping it into panko breadcrumbs and baking in the oven. Perfect served with a Middle Eastern-style salad.

Spread a wrap with 3 tbsps of humous and add chopped cucumber and tomato and a handful of rocket. Squeeze over the juice of half a lemon and add a drizzle of olive oil. Crumble over feta to complete the Greek flavours, wrap and eat.

Try mixing some of your favourite humous through mashed potato just before serving.

Stuff some Portobello mushrooms with humous and bake or grill – the perfect addition to any barbecue.

Moorish’s pea humous makes the most perfect accompaniment to fish and chips. Think mushy peas with an exotic twist.

Make a tasty vegetarian sandwich by spreading humous, topping with roasted red peppers and finishing with goats cheese.

Moorish: humous
Pea and beetroot humous add colour to any table

Moorish humous is all made in Britain and has no additives. It’s available in Waitrose, Sainsburys, Booths, Whole Foods and through Ocado. Find out ┬ámore at www.lovemoorish.co.uk

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