Great tapas at one of my London favourites – Camino

Hidden away in a beautiful courtyard right near King’s Cross station is a stunning restaurant and bar called Camino. It could be my favourite bar in the whole of London as it’s secluded, with a large outside area and, best of all, it’s Spanish and serves the most fabulous tapas at great prices.

I hadn’t been to Camino for a while so was very excited when I sat down to peruse the menu and saw they had a load of new dishes on it. Tapas is just my favourite way of eating as it makes all the menu decision-making that much less stressful, and you can try lots of different things. Our five dishes were all really, really good.

The chicken livers were served with a parsley salad and alioli dressing. The most perfectly cooked, soft juicy livers I think I’ve ever had and the dressing on the salad was heavenly.

Higado de pollo – the best chicken livers

Then there were the artichokes – one of my favourite delicacies. These were stuffed with a chickepea puree, covered in breadcrumbs and served on a bed of romesco sauce. An amazing dish, who’d have thought chickpeas and artichokes would go so well together.

Alcachofas – artichokes stuffed with chickepea puree

A fresh and perky little salad of rocket, sweet cherry tomatoes, Quescico cheese and red onion was beautifully dressed with a sherry vinegar dressing.

Rucula salad with tomatoes, cheese and red onion

Oyster mushrooms were lightly sauteed in garlic and packed with earthy flavours – proper comfort food for a chilly autumn afternoon.

Girgolas – sauteed oyster mushrooms with garlic,
olive oil and sea salt

And this one is an old favourite that we couldn’t resisit. The cured beef from Leon is served with Valedon cheese and truffle oil. A really indulgent dish to relish.

Cecina – cured beef and cheese with truffle oil

There’s a huge map of Spain taking up one wall so you can plan your next trip to Spain while you’re in the mood. Which is just as well, as a visit to Camino is bound to make you want to go there. But until you can,  enjoy a truly authentic Spanish experience in King’s Cross instead. Oh and their wine list is fantastic, too.

Camino is at 3 Varnishers Yard, King’s Cross and has a really cool website at

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