Food on the go with great storage solutions from Addis

Gotta love a lunchbox. Although I never experienced it myself, I have a warmth about the lovely feelings school lunch boxes have engendered through time – as well as satisfying your hunger pangs.

Opening it up, not sure what’s inside, unwrapping food, finding a nice surprise (if you haven’t packed it yourself, obviously), trading with friends (have I seen too many teen movies possibly?).

Well, no school lunchbox for me but now that I’m an adult my [slight] obsession for storage options for portable food has grown. And so have the options available. Today there are so many ways of ensuring your food on the go is kept fresh, unsquashed and altogether yummy. Like in the new Clip & Go range from Addis.

Here are some lovely ideas just for you to make the most of these handy products.

Clip & Go Salad Box

This handy box has a bottom compartment for salad and a top layer with a spork (yes, that’s a word – it’s both a spoon and a fork) and a handy container for your dressing. Such a great idea – I can’t tell you how many bottles of olive oil I’ve lugged around with me, not without spillage. Can’t have a salad without dressing after all!


Addis: salad box
Keep your salad fresh and bright – and dressing on the side

My salad idea

Today’s salad is made with a mix of little gem lettuce and rocket, topped with cooked and cooled broad beans and peas and creamy goat’s cheese. The perfect combo in green.

Addis: Salad boxes
The handy boxes come in vibrant blue and orange

Clip & Go Roll and Wrap

For wrap and baguette lovers storage is always something of an issue.  Not anymore. Now there’s the perfect shaped receptacle. My baguette was slightly too long so I simply trimmed off each end and voila – the perfect fit.


Addis: Roll & Wrap
My baguette packed with freshness and flavour

My sandwich idea

Spread both sides of your baguette generously with pea humous. Top with ham and sliced cucumber on one side and leaves of baby gem lettuce on the other.

Addis: Roll & Wrap
My tasty baguette fits snugly into its carrier

Clip & Go Soup Mug

Sometimes you just have to have something hot. And these soup mugs are perfect for carrying, heating and eating your warming meal. They don’t leak, are microwave safe and you can drink straight out of them. Soup on the go has never been easier.


My soup idea

A basic potato and leek soup is quick and easy (and delicious). Combine diced potatoes and leeks in a pot covered with chicken stock. Add a teaspoon of dried mint and season. Bring to the boil and cook for 20-30 minutes until the potatoes are soft. Pour in 100ml of cream and blend to a smooth consistency with a hand blender.

Addis: Soup mugs
The perfect all-purpose soup receptacle

Clip & Go Beaker

It’s always handy to have a refreshing drink at hand – especially if we get a hot summer in London. Travel especially can become a rather sweaty challenge. So here’s a couple of ways to spice up your water. Simply add the extras the night before and leave your water in the fridge overnight to chill and absorb the flavours.

My drinks ideas

Add 4 slices of cucumber and a handful of fresh mint to the beaker, cover with water and refrigerate.

Or add 2 slices each of lemon and lime to the beaker for a zesty cool beverage.

Addis: Clip & Go beaker
Make water more exciting and even more refreshing

So there you go. Plenty of ways to make food on the go easy, safe and totally delicious.

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