Fabulous pasta in the sunshine at Il Leone

I hadn’t been to Il Leone for years and now it’s practically a local with the new MyCiti bus service. As a constant user of public transport in London, I am thrilled that I can now catch the bus in Cape Town. So, armed with my pass, I had a quick bus hop, followed by a short walk and there I was to meet my friend Candy for lunch.

She visits fairly regularly and had bagged a table on the patio under an umbrella on what was a scorching Cape Town day. Refreshment was vital and she’d ordered a bottle of Babylonstoren rose, chilled water and a helping of ice on the side to get us started. Thanks to Candy for the scene setting picture.

A crisp glass of rose awaited me
A crisp glass of rose awaited me

Il Leone serves up a wide range of classic Italian dishes including starters like carpaccio and bruschetta, plenty of  fish and meat dishes and wonderful pasta options. One of today’s starter specials was a salad with marinated artichokes (one of my favourite delicacies), avo, tomatoes, leaves and a wonderfully light and tasty dressing. Simply the perfect summer starter.

We tucked into the freshest of salads with a wonderfully light dressing

You know how some days you just feel like a particular dish? Well, as is my usual practice, I’d perused the menu online (helps limit my constant mind changing and prevaricating) and I had carbonara on the brain…and linguine. You can mix and match any sauce on the menu with the type of pasta you fancy, so there you go, my decision was simple.

Creaminess and saltiness combine to produce a delectable carbonara

A perfect carbonara is hard to beat with its beautiful creaminess topped with crispy, slightly salty bacon. It was heavenly.

Candy’s favourite dish on the menu is the gamberetti  – baby praws served in a olive oil, fresh tomato, cream, garlic and chilli sauce. An amazing combo of sweet, fresh tomato sauce with a nice chilli bite and plump, juicy prawns.

prawn pasta
A delightful tomato sauce was both sweet and spicy and came with juicy prawns

Classic dishes made with lovely pasta and fresh ingredients. And all a short bus ride from home. Cape Town, you get better and better.

Il Leone is at 22 Cobern Street on the corner of Prestwick Street in Green Point.

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