Dinner at Triphal, our local Indian restaurant

Happiness is a good Indian restaurant you can walk to from home. We were so excited when Sarkhels opened around the corner years back and loved their food, so we were very sad when it closed down. But then Triphal appeared and once again we could relax in the knowledge that our Indian fix could be catered to easily at any time.

My husband loves Indian food…in fact when we have those “If you had to eat one type of food only for the rest of your life, what would it be?” conversations, he always says Indian. So there’s no holding him back if I suggest we go for a curry!

The menu is wide ranging and unbelievably good value. It’s hard to choose which inevitably means we tend to order way too much and proceed to finish it off anyway!

I love all the starters, so (somewhat bossily) tend to tell the table that we should just order loads and share them, which is just what we did tonight.

Crispy squid fried in spiced rice flour, lime zest and chilli
Amritsari Machee – crispy tilapia with a flavour of carom seed and garlic
Red chicken tikka

Main courses, of course are not for sharing…though it’s fair enough to have a taste. Whether you’re vegetarian, love fish or want something really hot there’s something for everyone. We ordered quite a range of dishes and each one was lovely.

Paneer Shaslik – home made cottage cheese cubes
marinated in fenugreek leaf and cooked in the tandoor
Haryali Murg Tikka – chicken marinated in a fresh green herb and cooked in a clay oven

Vegetables are great in Indian restaurants! And if I order a sauce-less dish like the tikka (above), I have the perfect excuse to order a vegetable dish to go with it. This was full of great flavours and packed a nice chilli bite, too.

Dhangri Matter – green peas and mushrooms
in a cashew nut and poppy seed gravy
Chingri Malai Curry – king prawns simmered in coconut and curry leaf sauce

The chicken Chettinard was a spicy baby (three chillies) with perfectly balanced flavours

Chicken Chettinard with a blend of spices tempered with
mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chillies
Lamb Salli – sweet and sour lamb cooked with apricots and garnished with straw potatoes

The staff are pleasant and always smiling, putting up with our rather (too) boisterous table with patience and humour. Another satisfying night at Triphal!

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