Cooking with leftovers: bubble and squeak

One of our favourite dinners is a traditional Sunday roast. As soon as summer disappears (sometimes even in the middle of summer), it’s the perfect excuse to cook a roast. A chicken or joint of beef, pork or lamb (we alternate), plenty of crispy roast spuds, mashed swede with plenty of pepper and a generous helping of steamed cabbage. Yum!

When you’re cooking a roast for two there’s bound to be leftovers. Even if I buy the smallest cut of meat available we can’t eat it all in one go. And then there’s the cabbage (we love cabbage). Plus I usually end up making too many roast potatoes (out of pure greed). And I really hate throwing food away. In the UK we throw away about 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year – each of us throws away an average of 120kg of food a year And if you think that’s bad every American throws away about 400lb of food a year which is the weight of an average male gorilla! That’s big.

So we should all make an effort to work the leftovers which, frankly, is quite easy with leftover roasts!

This is Terry’s latest form of bubble and squeak, though it does change depending on what’s around.

Serves 2

Chop and fry 1 small onion in a little sunflower oil.

Chop up and slightly crush 3 leftover roast potatoes and fry in a little butter until they start to brown. Tip the onion into the potatoes. Fry together for about 10 mins more until everything becomes a little crispy.

Potatoes and onions frying, smells mouthwatering

At this stage you can add any other leftover cooked vegetables you have in the fridge – today we had peas and sweetcorn.

Add your vegetables

You can stir the cabbage into the potato mix, but tonight we decided to steam it and serve separately. Once that is done, simply dish up and add thin slices of whatever roast meat you have left.

Leftovers turned into a feast…love it!

This is a really versatile dish, you can literally use any veg you have left over. And if you don’t have meat it would be lovely with a couple of grilled sausages, a piece of gammon or even just with extra veg as a vegetarian dinner.

I’m on a mission to use up everything in my fridge before I go shopping…so watch this space for more great recipe ideas using leftovers. And do let me know if you have any ideas you’d like to share.

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