Cooking with biltong: Biltong and Oregano French Toast

It’s time to get cooking with biltong again

I love French toast and when my biltong supplies arrived I had a thought that this classic breakfast/brunch dish would work really well with the addition of biltong. I also have my (rapidly dwindling) packet of Greek oregano bought on the dream island of Symi which I thought would add an extra something special.

I chose a bloomer loaf as the large slices can absorb plenty of the eggy mixture. And I do like my French toast very eggy!

A really simple dish that tastes fabulous and is on your plate in minutes. You have to give it a try.

Golden French bread with tasty biltong bits

Biltong and oregano French toast

Makes 2 slices

2 eggs

3 tbsps milk

1 tsp dried oregano

1 large handful biltong, chopped into small pieces

2 slices thick white bread

1 tbsp vegetable oil

Beat the eggs, milk and oregano together throughly, then mix the chopped biltong through it.

Soak your bread thoroughly in the egg mixture, turning it a couple of times.

Heat the oil in a frying pan to a medium heat.

Add the bread and pour any egg mix left over the top so it soaks through.

Fry for about 4 mins on each side until the egg is cooked and it’s nicely browned.

Tastes amazing on its own or would also be good served with bacon or sausage for a more substantial breakfast. Or if you like a bit of sweetness, spread thinly with honey.

Soak the bread thoroughly in the egg mixture

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Bubbling French toast


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