Going French at Chez Lindsay in Richmond

So today we’re venturing to the outer reaches of London to beautiful Richmond. Well it’s really in Surrey but let’s say outer London – the underground does go there after all.

Home to one of the best views in town from the top of Richmond Hill which many artists have painted, a fabulous green with a pub on it called The Cricketers, and of course the majestic Thames, Richmond has a lot going for it. Including a delightful bistro called Chez Lindsay which specialises in authentic cooking from Brittany.

On a particularly damp and drizzly weekday night, we were greeted with a warm welcome and a mouth-watering menu, one of those ones it’s really hard to choose from. A wide range of starters, pancakes (or galettes, a Breton speciality) and mains served up by charming French waiters – why does English spoken with a French accent sound so good? Anyway, on to the food.

Boudin Noir – black putting served with apple compote may not look the most appealing of starters but it was fabulous. The sausage was beautifully aromatic and melt-in-the-mouth and the apples couldn’t have been more appley.

black pudding
Simple flavours that go together beautifully

I really battled to decide and in the end went for the Salad d’Ecrevisses. A crayfish and parmesan salad with croutons, apple, new potatoes and a light creamy garlic dressing. Beautifully presented in a neat stack, it was packed with flavour and textures. Truly delightful.

Fresh and crunchy, a wonderful crayfish dish

And then there’s the galletes which can be starter or main course. These  nutty buckwheat pancakes are cooked to order on a flat griddle with a wide range of savoury fillings. Yummy.

ham pancake
Simply tasty – pancake filled with cheese and ham

Brittany is know for its fish dishes, so the Parmentier de Poissons seemed a logical choice. The flavoursome fish, cider and leek pie was served with a rocket and ruby chard salad.

Fish pie topped with crunchy mashed potato

And then the wonderfully indulgent calves liver. Foie de Veau was served with petits pois a la Francais (peas with cream, lettuce and bacon) and mashed potato. Classic French fare perfectly done.

Pink calves liver nestles on a bed of peas and mash

A fishy pancake for mains – the smoked salmon galette came with lemon and chive cream. A substantial portion of salmon I’m pleased to say (do love smoked salmon).

salmon pancake
The ideal dish for smoked salmon loveres

The roast rump of saltmarsh lamb was served with redcurrant and wine sauce, samphire, spinach and potatoes. A substantial, rich and warming dish, perfect for a dank autumn night.

Tender and tasty croupe d’agneau

To say we were all replete at this stage would be understating it. But something made us order some cheese to share…and it was worth it. A selection of four French cheeses (naturally), the ideal way to finish off a meal.

Can’t resist the cheese!

Chez Lindsay serves a great array of delicious French dishes and is a welcome sanctuary in Richmond which has more than its fair share of restaurant changes on its high street. It’s relaxed and friendly and also really good value for  money. What more could you ask for?

Chez Lindsay is at 11 Hill Rise, Richmond Hill.

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