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My favourite bars in Cape Town

Having spent pretty much all my adult life in London, I totally understand the importance of pubs and bars in daily life. We have our two locals that we frequent and everyone has their favourite spot for after work or Sunday lunch. People also use them as landmarks which means it’s very rare to give […]

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Lovely lunch at Eikendal…and it got me thinking

Last week I met up with my friend Jeanine, her parents and my mother for lunch at Eikendal in the Winelands. Jeanine’s family and mine grew up together, her sister Sharon is my best friend from school and we spent most of our teenage lives at each other’s houses. We’ve stayed in touch through the […]

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Time for music and live concerts

So my blog’s mainly about food…okay all about food (though I have blogged about shoes once). But I felt the need to talk about music…something I am not an expert on. Well, I love singing and I’m very average at it, and that’s being generous to myself. But I do feel that instant emotion when […]