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Recipe: Easy mushroom and Dijon mustard sauce

Well, it’s been a long road and nearly a month since I’ve posted a blog. My whole system has changed over and I’ve redesigned which has been way more complicated than I could ever have anticipated. So, sorry for disappearing off  your radar for so long. Please refollow my blog on the right hand side […]

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Recipes: Beef satay with Thai-style cucumber salad

I was paging through recipe books for inspiration last weekend and remembered how much I love satays. The little skewers that come with a rich peanut dipping sauce are such a classic Asian dish. When we’re in Thailand they’re regularly on our wishlist – well, they all taste slightly different and the sauces vary too, […]

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British Tomato Week with a taste of South Africa: Chakalaka sauce

Continuing my celebration of British Tomato Week, here’s my version of traditional South African spicy vegetable relish that it is believed originated in the townships of Johannesburg. The beauty of it is that there are so many versions you can experiment until you’ve invented one of your own. I’d  recommend keeping the baked beans in, they […]

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The story of monkey gland sauce

Monkey gland sauce is a South African barbecue-style sauce usually served with steaks or burgers. Non South Africans wince when you order it in restaurants, but don’t worry, it doesn’t involve any monkeys or any glands. I’ve been on a mission to find out the story behind its name and who invented it when – […]