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A Covent Garden favourite: Sophie’s Steakhouse and Bar

I’m loving being back in London and returning to favourite dining venues as well as trying new ones. And of course, wandering around Covent Garden checking out what’s happening and what’s changed. Today was my chance to visit one of my favourites in the area – Sophie’s Steakhouse and Bar. It’s on Wellington Street, a […]

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A brand new opening in Covent Garden: Balthazar

Balthazar opened in February this year to great excitement. It’s the brainchild of  New York restauranteur Keith McNally who grew up in London’s East End but became the darling of the NYC restaurant scene after opening the celebrity-adored Odeon in Tribeca in 1980. He opened Balthazar in NYC in 1997. It was time for his […]

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A taste of Argentina in London at Zoilo

It’s great to be back in London, one of my spiritual homes (lucky me to have more than one). And even greater when you’re reminded of the amazing cosmopolitan lives we live here. Among the many new restaurants that have opened in the time I’ve been away is Zoilo. It’s in trendy Marylebone just behind […]

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Greek night with our lovely neighbours

What is it they say…everybody needs good neighbours? We had a highly enjoyable street party to celebrate this year’s Diamond Jubilee in June and got chatting to our neighbours properly, many of them for the first time. We partied together for hours and then all retreated to our homes and mainly didn’t really see each […]

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Let me tell you a secret

How I love an exciting new discovery. I recently went to a fascinating seminar on game recognition and preparation (more to come in a later blog) by the knowledgable and charming Jose Souto, who is the chief lecturer in culinary arts at Westminster Kingsway College. The college is well-known for its excellent culinary courses and […]

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A Persian treat at Galleria

I was recently introduced to the wonder of Persian (Iranian) food for the first time when my friends Michael and Geraldine gave me the amazing book Saraban: a chef’s journey through Persia for my birthday. It’s a stunning book by Greg and Lucy Malouf with gorgeous pictures. stories of exotic places and tasty recipes. As […]