Recipe book review: Set a Table by Karen Dudley

Lockdown London has been that bit more pleasant with some fabulous sunny weather. And you know what that means…it’s time to barbecue/braai. Somewhat bizarrely the first thing I think of when I plan a braai menu is what salads I’m going to make. Today that was easy as I have a new recipe book from Karen Dudley called Set a Table – and Karen is truly the queen of salad makers. I visited her cafe, The Kitchen, for lunch when in Cape Town recently and the array of salads on offer is mouth watering! You can read all about my salad feast here.

While I was there I spotted her latest book and snapped one up (as well as several others for gifts). I made the cauliflower larb salad while in Cape Town – to which my friends marvelled that I was serving them restaurant-quality food (thank you Karen). The recipes really are inventive and her dressings are something to behold!

Today I  made the Japanese Tomato Salada and the Mi So Nice Cabbage and Greens. Quick and easy, totally delicious and vibrantly beautiful, too.

Set a Table: tomato salada
Beautifully simple tomato salad with an Asian-style dressing
Set a table: broccoli
Shades of green with broccoli, Chinese cabbage and seaweed

Parmesan and garlic potatoes

I also did something different with my potatoes today. Roasting them with a minced garlic clove and a handful of parmesan scattered over them. Sprinkle parsley to serve. Crunchy, cheesy, garlicky heaven.

We are very fortunate to have a fabulous local butcher, Peter (PJ Frankland). We buy his delectable lamb chops which he marinates in a minty sauce, they are the best lamb chops in the world…possibly. Here’s my finished plate of deliciousness. Gotta love a braai.

Set a table: Full plate
Minty lamb chops, salad and potatoes

And here’s Karen’s book, your salad days aren’t complete without it!

Set a Table by Karen Dudley is available from for £18.99

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