A Tavola: an Italian favourite

Before we made the move across the mountain we simply had to visit one of our favourite restaurants in the Southern Suburbs for an Italian feast, so we headed for A Tavola.

The food is always excellent and the menu offers a wide choice of salads, pastas, meat and fish dishes. Frankly, the choice is so wide it’s difficult to decide, especially with my menu indecision issues. Here’s a taste of the dishes you’ll find at this fantastic neighbourhood Italian.

The classic combo of Mozzarella, tomato and basil wins every time.

Insalta di Mozzarella with tomatoes and fresh basil

Caesar salad with its creamy dressing, salty parmesan and pancetta, silky anchovies and sweet lettuce, topped with garlic bruschetta. Yum!

Classic Caesar salad with grilled pancetta, white anchovies and garlic bruschetta

An amazing, tomatoey, parika seafood broth packed with fish. Guess who ordered this? I think my husband is still on a quest to try every soup in Cape Town.

seafood broth
Amazing seafood broth

The prettiest pasta dish on offer with beautiful bows and creamy sauce.

Farfalle Proscuitto e Puselli – fresh bowtie basta with ham, mushrooms, cream, peas and parmesan

An amazing veal escalope dish served with fresh pasta.

Marinated veal escalopes with wild mushrooms

A gigantic t-bone even had my brother beaten…and he has a proper appetite. Good news, as I got to taste it, too…amazing flavours, t-bones are still one of the tastiest cuts of beef I think.

The plumpest and most flavoursome of t-bones

Steak tartare is a classic dish that I try whenever I see it on the menu. This one didn’t disappoint, I loved the way all the condiments came on the side, ready to be mixed into the beef which was amazingly tasty and surprisingly light.

Steak tartare – raw minced beef fillet served with egg yolk, condiments, mixed baby leaves and bruschetta

The Tuscan veal stew with rosemary appears on the specials menu and is my husband’s favourite. Last time it wasn’t on, so you can imagine how his eyes lit up when he saw it there this time. Veal that melts in the mouth in a luxuriant sauce.

veal stew
Tuscan veal stew with Rosemary

So lovely to have a restaurant that delivers every time. And also, I’m coming to realise that it really doesn’t matter what you order as everything on the menu is wonderful…so that takes the stress out of decision making a little bit anyway. Oh and their pasta is simply fabulous.

A Tavola is at Library Square, Wilderness Road, Claremont.

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