A delightful lunch at La Tagliata in the City

Today we’re venturing into the City of London. A short walk from bustling Liverpool Street station through the throngs of City workers is La Tagliata, which opened this July. It’s all new and shiny with plush white seating along the walls and staff with welcoming smiles.

The concept is wonderfully simple. There’s basically one starter and one main course with slight variations. To begin with the fresh tagliatelle is made daily on site. With that you have a choice of pomodoro, pesto or lemon sauces or the daily special. Today it was white ragu with black truffle oil. White ragu is cooked without using tomatoes (new to me, I must admit). This meaty sauce with its truffly hints is incredibly moreish.

Fresh tagliatelle with white ragu and black truffle oil
Keeping it simple with the tastiest of pomodoro (tomato) sauces

The main course features the star of the show and the dish the restaurant is named for – La Tagliata. The traditional version which is permanently on the menu has the sirloin steak cooked, sliced and served on a bed of rocket, parmesan and cherry tomatoes with a balsamic reduction. Succulent steak perfectly cooked with the freshest of salad ingredients and served with piping hot little roasties, crisp on the outside and beautifully soft inside.

Classic tagliata to savour

There’s always a special for the tagliata, too, today it was served with a wild mushroom sauce. And Terry opted to go for the shepherd’s potatoes (the spud choice is yours) – deliciously garlicky mash.

There is also a vegetarian option for mains if steak’s not your thing, good of them, but really this the place to come for the steak.

Tasty medium rare sirloin nestles between garlicky mash and mushroom sauce

For dessert there are two choices and they are Italian classics. I rarely eat dessert but must admit that Italian are the ones that usually tempt me. I couldn’t resist the panna cotta, which came with a strawberry sauce. Part of me wishes I hadn’t ordered it, as I’m going to be ordering panna cotta much more frequently now and hoping it tastes as good as this one did. Creamy, silky and melt-in-the-mouth with the lovely, zesty strawberry sauce. Every mouthful was a delight.

Bring me more panna cotta…and more

It doesn’t get more Italian than tiramisu. This ubiquitous dessert is dished up all over the world in many different forms. My mother even used to make her version which, as kids, we called sponge finger pudding! La Tagliata’s has got to be up there as one of the best ever, light and fluffy, each mouthful dissolved on the tongue in an instant, bursting with flavour.

An Italian classic done to perfection
The music-themed area in the stylish restaurant

All the time I was tucking into La Tagliata’s tasty treats, I felt wrapped in a cloud of contentment…more so than recently at any restaurant. Then it came to me – no stressful food decisions to be made (well only small ones, anyway). A great idea to keep the menu so simple, though that does come with its pressures for the kitchen – everything has to be absolutely spot on. And it was. All made complete with a really lovely bottle of Chianti from their carefully selected Italian list. Deliziosissima!

Oh, La Tagliata’s set in a street with my name which made me illogically even happier. You’ll find it at 11 Sandy’s Row, London E1.

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