A day in London’s chocolate heaven

Need something different to do this weekend? How about a Chocolate Ecstasy tour of our beautiful city, where you can eat chocolate for hours while ambling through some of the most stylish parts of London. I did the Chelsea tour which started in Pimlico, near Sloane Square tube station and finished near Victoria.

The tour is the brainchild of Jennifer Earle, who was also our charming and knowledgeable guide for the day, and starts at William Curley in Ebury Street, Pimlico. There’s masses of chocolate to choose from including Curley’s take on favourite childhood bars – the Nostalgia range – and some mouthwatering pastries.

Cabinets full of chocolates greet you

From there we meandered through the genteel neighbourhoods of Pimlico, Chelsea and Belgravia, with their grand squares, quirky shops and dream houses. The tour also takes you right past the house where Mozart composed his first symphony, aged eight.

The next stop  was Rococo in Motcombe Street, where we were taught how to taste chocolate  and learnt about the history and production of cocoa and chocolate.

A beautiful shop packed with irresistible goodies
When you’re in Rococo you feel like it’s your birthday and someone’s bought you hundreds of presents!

Then it’s a short amble to Pierre Hermes in Lowndes Street where, as well as a spectacular array of chocolates, you’ll find macaroon heaven including some slightly unusual (but delicious) combinations like caramelised fennel and lemon. One of the most visually stunning shops I’ve ever been in.

Macaron heaven in tantalising colours and flavours

The tour finished at Hotel Chocolat in Victoria Street; another cornucopia of chocolate wonder where you’ll find the perfect gift for anyone, especially those with a penchant for something hot…how about cocoa and chilli olive oil, chilli and chocolate Mexican mole sauce, chilli and cocoa glaze for fish or seasoned cocoa glaze for red meat?

Packages of chocolate to delight
And you can cook with it. Chocolate and chilli glaze anyone?

This tour uncovers chocolate in its most exquisite art form. The visual impact, and creatively conceived flavours, made the experience exciting, inspiring and, of course, delicious! For one day it felt like the streets of south-west London were paved with chocolate…an unmissable experience for chocaholics everywhere!

To find out more and book your own tour visit www.chocolateecstasytours.com


  1. I saw your comment on Linked in and I was so sorry to hear about someone deleting your blog that I thought I would pop in and offer my sympathy. I was just wondering if you had a back up that you could have restored?

  2. Hi Suzanne, thanks so much for your support. I don’t have a back up as such but I do have all the photographs and recipes so can reconstruct it to some extent, which is why I have been able to post every day for 19 (I think it is now) to get it back up to scratch. Please keep reading. Best wishes, Sandy

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