A Covent Garden favourite: Sophie’s Steakhouse and Bar

I’m loving being back in London and returning to favourite dining venues as well as trying new ones. And of course, wandering around Covent Garden checking out what’s happening and what’s changed. Today was my chance to visit one of my favourites in the area – Sophie’s Steakhouse and Bar. It’s on Wellington Street, a street that’s so packed with places to eat, you’re spoilt for choice.

It’s an airy place, kind of New York warehouse-style, very contemporary with brick walls and high exposed ceilings. Sophie’s doesn’t take bookings which usually gets my back up, but as it’s quite big I’ve always managed to get a table without a problem. It also makes it a frequent venue for spontaneous lunches…for once I see the point of a restaurant not taking bookings!

It’s a steakhouse (clearly), with a range of the usual cuts of beef and traditional accompaniments like onion rings, fries, creamed spinach and salads. But there are other options on the menu, too, if you’re feeling like something lighter.

As you sit down and order your drinks a board of delicious salami slivers are delivered to your table. Cast a glance towards the bar and you’ll see a collection of them hanging from the ceiling.

A plate of salami slivers is delivered to the table to keep you going
A plate of salami slivers is delivered to the table to keep you going

One of my favourite pre-lunch drinks is a Kir – an irresistible combo of cassis liquer and white wine. Served in a glass with S for Sophie’s!

A deliciously refreshing Kir
A deliciously refreshing Kir

There’s a small selection of tasty salads. Bearing in mind the importance of steak in this establishment we went for the peppered steak salad. Fillet mignon with fresh garden leaves, spring onion, cherry tomatoes and tomato vinaigrette.

Tasty fillet steak salad

I was happy when I spotted the tuna on the menu! Chargrilled and served with marinated tomato, avocado and red onion salsa. I like my tuna barely cooked at all. I have been known to get very grumpy when a plate of overcooked tuna is placed in front of me, as I always ask for it rare. So I was very pleased when the waiter responded to me by saying: ‘You mean you want it blue’. And blue it was with a truly delicious salsa with lots of avocado. The perfect lunch.

Blue tuna with plenty of avocado...heaven
Blue tuna with plenty of avocado…heaven

Sophie’s is also a great place to pop in for a drink or coffee – they do fab cappuccinos. It’s got everything you need to keep you happy!

Sophie’s is at 29-31 Wellington Street.

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